The UK’s Ten Best Wedding Photographers in 2015

Who are the leading Wedding Photographers in the UK? Who is pushing the art of wedding photography to the next level and creating stunning, timeless images that deserve to be on the walls of a gallery? There is no definitive list, but we have our thoughts on the matter :)

Best Wedding Photographers in England

At every wedding, we work with a range of photographers, many of whom are at the very top of their profession. As fellow image makers, we appreciate the amazing work they do, and we see first hand how they interact with clients and guests, and also, of course, how they work alongside filmmakers. We are blessed to have so many awesome photographers in the UK, so if you plan ahead you can have a genuine artist there to document your big day. You’re only going to do this once, so do it right. Trust us, you’ll be so glad you made the right decision when you look back at your day in the years to come :)

So check out 10 fantastic British wedding photographers currently producing exceptional work. Our 2015 Top Ten UK Wedding Photographers is here!