Danesfield House Wedding Video

Danesfield House in Marlow, Buckinghamshire is a gorgeous venue with a beautiful fountain and gardens and spectacular views of the River Thames. When we film weddings in such a picturesque location, we know we’re going to get awesome footage, but Mahdis and Dariush’s amazing day exceeded all our expectations. It’s days like this which make our job as wedding videographers such a pleasure. Stunning vistas and wonderful people having fun and shedding a few happy tears – what more can you ask for! It’s always fun working with the lovely and talented photographer Kari Bellamy, who is one of our Top 20 Wedding Photographers in the UK :) We love how this film turned out and we hope you do too!

“Divine Intervention” – Mahdis &¬†Dariush

As you can see, it was a really windy day, which is not always convenient for the guests, as hair blows around everywhere and skirts may rise a little higher than intended! However, it’s weather like this which is perfect for wedding cinematography, adding drama and comedy – and above all movement to the footage. We love things which move – moving words combined with motion in the image is the perfect combination. The poem read during the ceremony by the father of the groom is Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. It was read first in English, then translated into Farsi for the benefit of the Iranian guests, and we thought it would be a nice touch to have the poem begin in Farsi while we show the stunning decor of the Persian ceremony, then continue in the original English.

You can see how much thought and effort went into every detail of the day, from the bride’s stunning dress and the beautiful bridesmaids’ dresses, to the decor and musicians. All that planning certainly paid off, and will set the tone for a long and happy marriage for two of our favourite people.

Congratulations to Mahdis and Dariush, and thank you for everything!

Filmed / edited by Pretty in White
Venue: Danesfield House
Photography by Kari Bellamy
Music from www.themusicbed.com and www.soundstripe.com

Danesfield House Cinematic Wedding Video