Brocket Hall Wedding Video

Brocket Hall near Welwyn, Hertfordshire is one of our favourite wedding venues, combining history, luxury and gorgeous scenery. The views across the lake are breathtaking, and it’s no surprise that Brocket Hall remains one of the most popular golf courses in the UK, as well as a much-loved location for wedding videographers and photographers :) The light from the huge windows in the spectacular ballroom is perfect for speeches, and it means we don’t have to add any extra lighting to create a stunning look – a very rare thing in England! As you can see, Alice and David are a beautiful couple, inside and out, and they suited the exquisite surroundings to a tee (excuse the golf pun!). Working with Steve Shipman was also a delight – his reportage style makes him very discreet and he has a great eye for a perfect image. The day was a real joy to capture, with lots of smiles, a few tears, some truly fantastic, heartwarming and funny speeches – and plenty of romance. Enjoy :)

“Breathless” – Alice & David

We love fireworks – especially when they are combined with such stunning views! The fireworks exploded across the water, their reflections dancing on the surface, as well as on the windows of the main hall. It’s always tricky staging fireworks in the summer months, due to the late sunset, but even though there were still some remnants of daylight during the display, it actually made a nice change and didn’t hurt the visuals at all. When you’re filming an event at somewhere as grand as Brocket Hall, you have to capture the scale of it all, with sweeping wide shots combined with more intimate footage. But even in the midst of all this grandeur, we were there to tell the story of a gorgeous young couple in love, and no matter where Alice and David got married or held their reception, they would have been happy in their own little world. The scenery falls away, and we are simply left with a boy and a girl who were made for each other.

Many thanks to the amazing staff at Brocket Hall, who made sure everything was on time and everyone was happy. And the biggest thanks of all to Alice, David and their wonderful family, who were so kind and hospitable at every stage. It’s easy to see where the couple’s qualities came from :)

Alice and David, we wish you the very best for the future. It’s going to be bright! Much love to you both.

Filmed / edited by Pretty in White
Venue: Brocket Hall
Photography by Steve Shipman
Music from and

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