Eastnor Castle Wedding Video

What can we say about Eastnor Castle other than it’s one of the most stunning venues in the UK? Well, yes it is indeed impressive, with its beautiful lake and grand exterior, set in the rolling countryside on the edge of the Cotswolds. But inside, it is quirky and gothic, surprises lurk round every corner and the staff are amazing. Eastnor Castle’s reputation as a top UK wedding venue is well deserved. For wedding videographers, the location is a dream. We got to film the surrounding wildlife, the breathtaking views and every location inside and outside the castle was unique and provided the perfect backdrop to what was an absolutely gorgeous wedding. Top UK photographer Jon Mold was a pleasure to work with (seriously, the guy is a wizard! Which is why he’s one of our favourite photographers). Kavitha and Andrew were wonderful to be around, and as you can see in their wedding film, they were very much in love, really romantic and looked like they’d both stepped off the set of the latest James Bond movie. Enjoy the film :)

“Angel” – Kavitha &¬†Andrew

The bride and groom travelled all the way from Australia for their big day. If you’re planning a destination wedding in the UK, then you do have to accept that rain may be a factor, and sure enough, it was! Luckily, the venue had some lovely areas inside, so we took full advantage of the venue and all it had to offer. The rain didn’t stop the day’s main events, such as the archery, confetti and fireworks. The archery was a first for us, and Kavitha and Andrew managed to hit the bullseye without any problems (there may or may not have been a little creative editing involved there!).

The foundation of all our films is the words spoken on the day, and we were spoilt for choice here, as Kavitha and Andrew had such beautiful things to say to each other. It’s always fantastic when the bride gives a speech, and together with their personal vows and the letters they gave to each other, we had some of the most romantic words possible. As if that wasn’t enough, the celebrant from Grace The Day gave us even more content in the form of poems and readings during the ceremony. This all helped us show a depth of story that we always strive for.

Many congratulations to Kavitha and Andrew. You were amazing to work with, patient and hospitable, not to mention ridiculously gorgeous, and we wish you both a long, happy and successful life together :)

Filmed / edited by Pretty in White
Wedding Venue: Eastnor Castle
Photography: Jon Mold
Celebrant: Grace The Day
Music from www.themusicbed.com and www.soundstripe.com