Cotswolds Wedding Video

The Slaughters Manor House is a stunning venue, set in some of the most gorgeous surroundings you can find in the UK. It’s such a pleasure to film in the Cotswolds, that quintessentially English part of the countryside which is so timeless and romantic. Even in the torrential rain, there was so much beauty, and we could have filled the whole film with pretty shots of the village scenery. The Slaughters Manor House is the perfect wedding location for wedding photographers and videographers, and of course for couples looking for an unspoiled rural setting for their big day. Leonie and David have a great sense of humour and were smiling throughout, even as the rain continued to pour, but luckily Leonie’s call for the rain to stop was heard, and the rain was replaced by glorious sunshine. As wedding videographers, we love contrast, and when all the seasons are combined in a single day it enhances the story and adds texture to the film. David and Leonie are perfect together, and were such fun to work with. It was also a pleasure to work with the amazing Jessie Thomson, who planned the wedding so precisely, with such attention to detail, and worked tirelessly behind the scenes. This is one of our favourite weddings from 2016, as you can hopefully tell from the film :)

“I do, I do, I do” – Leonie & David

We have many fond memories of this fabulous day, which was chock-full of content. From the games in the morning, to the cute gift exchange, the horse-drawn carriage, the traditional English church ceremony, fantastic speeches and an awesome sparklers exit, it wasn’t easy fitting everything into one short film!

It was also a coming together of two cultures, with families from England and Singapore (where David and Leonie live and work), and guests from all over the world. The families get on like a house on fire, given the smiles and laughter all day. It was a warm and happy atmosphere, enhanced by one of the best groom’s speeches that we’ve heard (and we’ve heard a few!). There wasn’t room in the short film to include all of the humour, for example when the best man, David’s brother, introduced himself as David’s son, to howls of laughter, and then demanded we restart the recording. Or the “Yum Seng” traditional Singaporean toast, which filled the room with a deafening chant. However, the couple will receive full edits of the ceremony and speeches so everything that didn’t make the final cut will be preserved :)

Many congratulations to Leonie and David, and thank you for being such a pleasure to work with. And thank you again for the delicious tarts, which was such a thoughtful gesture! Much love to you both. There’s no doubt you’ll have an amazing future together :)

Filmed / edited by Pretty in White
Wedding Planner: Jessie Thomson Weddings & Events
Wedding Venue: The Slaughters Manor House
Photography: Jacob and Pauline
Hair & Make-Up: Gemma Sutton
Flowers: Westwood Design
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Best Wedding Video Cotswolds Slaughters Manor

Brocket Hall Wedding Video

Brocket Hall near Welwyn, Hertfordshire is one of our favourite wedding venues, combining history, luxury and gorgeous scenery. The views across the lake are breathtaking, and it’s no surprise that Brocket Hall remains one of the most popular golf courses in the UK, as well as a much-loved location for wedding videographers and photographers :) The light from the huge windows in the spectacular ballroom is perfect for speeches, and it means we don’t have to add any extra lighting to create a stunning look – a very rare thing in England! As you can see, Alice and David are a beautiful couple, inside and out, and they suited the exquisite surroundings to a tee (excuse the golf pun!). Working with Steve Shipman was also a delight – his reportage style makes him very discreet and he has a great eye for a perfect image. The day was a real joy to capture, with lots of smiles, a few tears, some truly fantastic, heartwarming and funny speeches – and plenty of romance. Enjoy :)

“Breathless” – Alice & David

We love fireworks – especially when they are combined with such stunning views! The fireworks exploded across the water, their reflections dancing on the surface, as well as on the windows of the main hall. It’s always tricky staging fireworks in the summer months, due to the late sunset, but even though there were still some remnants of daylight during the display, it actually made a nice change and didn’t hurt the visuals at all. When you’re filming an event at somewhere as grand as Brocket Hall, you have to capture the scale of it all, with sweeping wide shots combined with more intimate footage. But even in the midst of all this grandeur, we were there to tell the story of a gorgeous young couple in love, and no matter where Alice and David got married or held their reception, they would have been happy in their own little world. The scenery falls away, and we are simply left with a boy and a girl who were made for each other.

Many thanks to the amazing staff at Brocket Hall, who made sure everything was on time and everyone was happy. And the biggest thanks of all to Alice, David and their wonderful family, who were so kind and hospitable at every stage. It’s easy to see where the couple’s qualities came from :)

Alice and David, we wish you the very best for the future. It’s going to be bright! Much love to you both.

Filmed / edited by Pretty in White
Venue: Brocket Hall
Photography by Steve Shipman
Music from and

Best Wedding Videographer Hertfordshire

Danesfield House Wedding Video

Danesfield House in Marlow, Buckinghamshire is a gorgeous venue with a beautiful fountain and gardens and spectacular views of the River Thames. When we film weddings in such a picturesque location, we know we’re going to get awesome footage, but Mahdis and Dariush’s amazing day exceeded all our expectations. It’s days like this which make our job as wedding videographers such a pleasure. Stunning vistas and wonderful people having fun and shedding a few happy tears – what more can you ask for! It’s always fun working with the lovely and talented photographer Kari Bellamy, who is one of our Top 20 Wedding Photographers in the UK :) We love how this film turned out and we hope you do too!

“Divine Intervention” – Mahdis & Dariush

As you can see, it was a really windy day, which is not always convenient for the guests, as hair blows around everywhere and skirts may rise a little higher than intended! However, it’s weather like this which is perfect for wedding cinematography, adding drama and comedy – and above all movement to the footage. We love things which move – moving words combined with motion in the image is the perfect combination. The poem read during the ceremony by the father of the groom is Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. It was read first in English, then translated into Farsi for the benefit of the Iranian guests, and we thought it would be a nice touch to have the poem begin in Farsi while we show the stunning decor of the Persian ceremony, then continue in the original English.

You can see how much thought and effort went into every detail of the day, from the bride’s stunning dress and the beautiful bridesmaids’ dresses, to the decor and musicians. All that planning certainly paid off, and will set the tone for a long and happy marriage for two of our favourite people.

Congratulations to Mahdis and Dariush, and thank you for everything!

Filmed / edited by Pretty in White
Venue: Danesfield House
Photography by Kari Bellamy
Music from and

Danesfield House Cinematic Wedding Video

Richmond Hill Wedding Video

Richmond is a stunning part of London, and the perfect location to film a wedding. The views from the hill are simply breathtaking, and it’s great fun seeing all the locals and tourists stop in wonder at the gorgeous bride and groom. With so many fabulous locations around Richmond, we knew that Laura and George’s big day would be one to remember, but it exceeded all our expectations. Starting the day at The Petersham and Richmond Hill Hotel, as well as a quick pre-ceremony pint in The Roebuck pub,  we then moved on to St Matthias Church, followed by a reception on the hill and finally we returned to the Richmond Hill Hotel. Laura and George were amazing together, so full of love and energy, and they were surrounded by their wonderful friends and family, who showed no shyness when it came time to boogie :) This was one of our favourite weddings to film and hopefully you can see why in the video below!

“Love Monkeys” – Laura & George

The title of the film, “Love Monkeys” relates to the story read by Laura’s sister during the ceremony. You can read the whole story here. It is also the perfect fit for the happy couple, who were so natural, loving and hilarious together. We are often asked what kind of weddings are our favourites to film, or what kind of wedding makes for the best wedding video, and the answer is always the same: it’s all about the people! A blissfully happy couple in love, with the support of their closest friends and family is what we crave. And stunning views, brilliant readings and poignant speeches are nice too of course! Words are the driving force of our films, and on this occasion we had so many heartfelt, meaningful words to choose from.

Many congratulations to Laura and George, and thank you for being so awesome to work with :)

Filmed / edited by
Bride Prep & Reception Venue:
Groom Prep Venue:
Photography by
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The UK’s Twenty Best Wedding Photographers in 2016

If you’re looking for the best wedding photographer for your big day, you might want to start with these guys. We present 20 leading wedding photographers from around the UK, who are not only producing world class images, but are also great to work with and fun to be around. Beautiful, timeless works of art and a happy, stress-free experience – that’s the goal :) Our list takes into account not only the quality of the photographs but also the personality of the photographers on the day and the experience they provide.

Best 20 Wedding photographers London Surrey England UK 2016

We work alongside photographers at every wedding, so we get to see them throughout the day, we see how they react to challenges, get on with the clients and guests, and also how well they work with wedding filmmakers. We really do admire the stunning images that the best wedding photographers produce, often under difficult circumstances, and we are lucky to have so many talented photographers in Britain. Finding the right wedding photographer might seem impossible, but hopefully this top twenty list will help narrow down your selection :) This will be one of the best days of your life, so when choosing the right artists to record the occasion, take your time and listen to your heart.

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Wasing Park Wedding Video

A big thank-you to the staff at Wasing Park in Berkshire for their hospitality on this fabulous day. Wasing is a unique venue, offering gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside, and when you’re creating a cinematic wedding video it is a real treat to be in the midst of such breathtaking scenery. The cows grazing in the field right next to the Victorian Summerhouse, where the ceremony was held, added an extra touch of rural ambiance :) Working alongside Paul Rogers, one of the top wedding photographers in the UK, was a real joy. His discreet, friendly approach puts everyone around him at ease, and his reportage style produces authentic and spectacular results. Most of all, we love working with cool clients, and Laura and Rory were the epitome of chilled. They were so relaxed throughout the day and of course deeply in love, surrounded by their amazing families. As you can see below, it was an incredible occasion.

“Thank You For Being You” – Laura & Rory

The Signature Film is around ten minutes long and has proven to be really popular since we introduced it last year. It’s the perfect length for sharing, while still being long enough to show all the best parts of the day. Laura and Rory’s wedding was packed with hilarious, beautiful and poignant moments, so their film is longer than most, and it was still hard to fit everything in! Musicians for the stunning outdoor ceremony, a band for the reception and another band for the evening party, a lovely (and lively!) Persian ceremony, some of the funniest and most moving speeches, awesome guests and a truly wonderful and gorgeous bride and groom. This all made our job on the day such a pleasure, and has resulted in one of our favourite films to date.

Congratulations to Laura and Rory, and thank you for being you :)

Filmed / edited by
Photography by
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