Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the UK, 2015

Top Wedding Photographer in EnglandWe created this list of the “Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the UK” for our clients, but even if you’re not looking for a wedding film, hopefully this will help you find the right person to photograph your big day. So who are the ten best British wedding photographers in 2015? Of course “best” is a hugely subjective word, and as photography is an art form, the best choice for you depends on your tastes, your personality and what your expectations are. There are countless top-rated, award-winning professionals offering stunning wedding photography, and choosing the perfect one can be daunting. Don’t worry, help is at hand!

At Pretty in White, we admire modern, stylish images, the kind of wedding photos that you can hang on your wall for decades without one day cringing :) In our minds, a timeless wedding photograph should avoid cheesy special effects and the latest fads and instead reflect real moments and real emotions. We want you to look back on your day and see a collection of gorgeous, romantic images which do justice to the occasion, even elevate it, and stand the test of time.

We’re in a good position to comment on this subject, because we work with photographers at every wedding, and as it happens everyone at Pretty in White was a photographer prior to becoming a filmmaker. We all still shoot photos to some extent, and we love photography. It’s very different from filmmaking and requires a different perspective.
Award-winning Wedding Photographer in WalesWe have a deep appreciation of the great wedding photographers working today, and we especially appreciate photographers who work well with videographers :) Teamwork is so important. We’re a friendly bunch and usually both the video and photo sides are working towards the same goal.

When we’re asked to name the top wedding photographers in the UK, we always recommend those who are both amazing artists and good to work with. This not only makes the day more enjoyable and stress-free for everyone, but it also means that both photographers and filmmakers are getting the best images. We often exchange ideas about creative shots and interesting angles, take turns getting coverage in tight spaces, and generally help each other out. We work together, and everyone wins – most of all the clients. We know what it takes to make a great image, we understand lighting, composition, timing and the pressure of a live event. We love working with good photographers and we’re lucky enough to have many friends in the business.
Highest Rated Wedding Photographer in United Kingdom

There are literally hundreds of talented wedding photographers in London alone, and around the UK the number runs into the thousands. It can be so hard to decide on the perfect choice for your perfect day. While we have some suggestions, don’t just take our word for it! Have a good look at the websites / portfolios of the photographers featured here. If you connect with the work, hopefully you’ll connect with the photographer too, so give them a call! Despite being at the top of their profession, they are all very down-to-earth, friendly and will answer any questions.

Whoever you decide to contact, it’s best to act quickly. Everyone on the list is in great demand and gets booked up well in advance.

You may notice there’s a slight bias towards the South East of England, which is where we are based and where the majority of our weddings take place. A Scottish wedding filmmaker would no doubt come up with a different selection, although several of those listed below are rated on international websites as among the very best wedding photographers in the world.
.Best Wedding Photographers in EnglandWe decided not to describe each photographer’s personality or style, to avoid repetition – we’d be using phrases like “modern, contemporary, romantic and timeless”, “dramatic use of light”, “photojournalist / reportage approach”, “multiple award winner”, “internationally acclaimed”, etc – because these guys share many of the same amazing qualities and accolades. Whether they are right for you comes down to the work. Check it out, you’ll see…

This may not be an official 2015 top ten wedding photographer list, but anyone here will be a delight to work with and will deliver a wonderful selection of images for you to remember your big day. All the photographers below are happy to travel anywhere in the UK and worldwide. If they’re not local to you, then a Skype chat can be just the ticket :)

So here we go! In alphabetical order, Pretty in White’s Favourite UK Wedding Photographers of 2015:

Kari Bellamy, London: www.karibellamy.comCreative Wedding Photographer in England

Roger Brown, Surrey: www.rogerbrownphotography.comLuxury Wedding Photographer in the UK

Andy Gaines, Yorkshire: www.andygaines.comBest Wedding Photographer in the world

Iain Gomes, London: Your Wedding Photographer in UK

Ross Harvey, Norfolk: www.rossharvey.comMost talented Wedding Photographer in England

Martin Hobby, Kent: is your favourite Wedding Photographer in UK

Ed Peers, London: www.edpeers.comWho is the best Wedding Photographer in England

James Rouse, Norfolk: www.jamesrouse.comStunning Wedding Photographer in UK

Aga Tomaszek, Cardiff: www.agatomaszek.comDestination Wedding Photographer in Wales

Danny Woodstock, Berkshire: Wedding Photojournalist in UK

And here’s some more eye candy from these guys…

Destination Wedding Photographer in England
Favourite Wedding Photographer in England
Awesome Wedding Photographers in the UK
Best Wedding Photographers in the UK
Award-winning Wedding Photographer in Europe
Amazing Wedding Photographer in the UK

We strongly believe that choosing a photographer who you absolutely love is one of the best investments you can make for your wedding. We hope you commission a beautiful film as well, of course :) Once the day is gone, you’ll be so glad to have a gorgeous collection of images to treasure, the perfect way to look back on your perfect day :)

Some other wedding photographers we love:
Marianne Chua, James Gifford-Mead, James Heffernan, Neale James, Raymond Lin, Binky Nixon, Stephen Rotondo, Joe Short, Tobiah Tayo

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